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What Is So Fascinating About Resume Writing Service Little Rock?

What Is So Fascinating About Resume Writing Service Little jupe? The 5-Minute Rule for Resume Writing Service Little Rock You may even visit the public relation bureau from a neighborhood organization to discover more. Youve got to read about the present grants. After deciding on a specific grant you will need to learn information concerning the steps that will need to be followed to apply for that grant. Someone who writes the documentation for grants is needed also since they know just what the organizations require and understand how to handle them. Take a look at our price calculator to determine what your perfect price for the paper is You need a cover letter. The review is going to teach you all you will need to understand and then you may place your purchase confidently. Youve got to compose several academic papers over the duration of a year. An internet booking tafelgeschirr also helps you stay away from forgetting about doctors appointments. It is possible to track the way that it impacts delivery prices. You are able to even check out several reviews and pick the business that is most suitable for your requirements and very affordable budget. Our reviews contain information like the score of the clients, our rating, starting prices, Discounts, and grade of the papers. The single most essential part of your essay preparation might be simply making certain you truly college the question or essay prompt. Its hard to pick a service to purchase your essay from. If youre thinking that you will need someone to compose my essay at this time, you can merely rely on our honest reviews. Lets say you should purchase essay for college. Whatever They Told You About Resume Writing Service Little Rock Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why Youre a personal services business. Its extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you wish to avoid low excellent services. If youre looking for the greatest academic writing services, t hen youve come to the proper location. Our recruiting service is completely free Details of Resume Writing Service Little Rock Typically, a resume is 1 page long, though it can occasionally be as long as two pages. The absolute most important document you will be liable for in your lifetime is your resume. Exactly like calendars, to-do lists can be employed to take much better care of yourself. Sometimes massive organizations will initially request a page CV summary when they expect a massive number of candidates. The Fight Against Resume Writing Service Little Rock You should perfect yourself in the most maximized means to show your ability and boost your work acceptance rate. Various organizations need different thing so ensure you understand just what they want. You wish to impress an employer, which means you have a tendency to be too enthusiastic in your resume. Your Job Search Goals We will understand your work search goals ahead of the building of your resume. Curriculum vitae have become the most popular document required by applicants in the work application. While our writing process could possibly be a one-size-fits-all, our resume process isnt. While our interview procedure might be a one-size-fits-all, our writing process isnt. While near interview procedure could possibly be a one-size-fits-all, our writing process isnt. Resume Writing Service Little Rock for Dummies The rules for writing an excellent essay are leid any different. When youre finished writing, you will need to make sure your essay still school to the prompt. It is most important if writing a resume, but in addition, it applies to CVs.

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What Is So Fascinating About Occupational Therapist Resume?

What Is So Fascinating About Occupational Therapist Resume? Below, you will discover a list of resume examples that could aid you with your work search. If your resume exceeds one particular page, make sure that your name and contact information are listed at the very top of every page. So long as you use the perfect info, you will wind up with a professional document that will impress any hiring manager. All information provided needs to be considered fictional. By carefully targeting resumes for certain jobs, you are able to greatly enhance your odds of getting noticed in the work industry. Now, a freelance translator isnt in the place of applying for employment so, strictly speaking, does not ask for a resume. Possessing a strong resume will enable you find quite a few great jobs. If youre attempting to acquire work in accounting or finance you require averystrong resume. If you have settled on submitting an application for a position, its obvious that you thought you co uld do the job. Make it immediately obvious that you have what is needed to excel within her position. Once approved, youre going to be able to submit an application for positions. Youll list your latest work positions initially, and return through past jobs in reverse-chronological order from that point. Employers understand that youre young and looking to enhance your experience, so give them as much as you can that shows you will be an important employee. General claims make it hard for employers to rate the value you provided to previous employers. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilized to secure new employment. Employers dont need to waste time reading plenty of meaningless babble. Today, your LinkedIn profile is more inclined to be your very first impression with a possible employer. Resumes could be organized in various ways. The Benefits of Occupational Therapist Resume Instead, think of all of the keyword phrases and key phras es youll be able to include that are relevant to your experience and techniques, and sprinkle them liberally throughout. bedrngnisice how the example resumes are extremely specific when it has to do with technical skills. It is thus very important that youre ready to emphasize the skills that cause you to stick out from your peers. Someone with limited experience, but robust writing skills can assemble a compelling resume. Our very best handyman resume examples will help you to earn a perfect resume so that your odds of success will wind up good. Even as youre still in training, you should be searching for methods to receive more experience and expertise. Maybe you would like a growth opportunity in your present field. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously offer you an advantage. Possessing a very clear and professional resume is critical in the medical field. A stylist is going to want to concentrate on special treatments theyve learned and a retail asso ciate might need to display their merchandising expertise. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Resume Builder shares that resumes are vitally important, for lots of factors. You may download a complimentary copy of Acrobat Reader at its site. Each format serves a specific intent. Have a peek at these examples to select which format is right for you. The Basics of Occupational Therapist Resume When youre writing your resume, you must present the data in a manner that most showcases your qualifications and enables the employer notice what you have to give. If you are in possession of a considerable collection of honors or awards, an individual category is most likely appropriate. When sharing all your education and experience, in addition, it is crucial that you use a good deal of action words. When youve reviewed resumes in your field, peruse resumes across fields to know how to vary using action verbs and receive a feel for what makes an effective accomplishment statement. When you have prepared and submitted your resume to an employer the hope is you will be requested to attend work interview to go over further whether you are going to be suitable. Your resume, after all, isnt an autobiography, but instead a summary of your previous experience and qualifications. Everyone knows that when looking for work, the very first task youll have to complete for an expected employer is, Send a copy of your resume. Not very comforting once youre job searching and trying your hardest to obtain an employer to focus on your resume. In case you have some simple qualification and an excellent working experience then its sufficient to grab the job of handyman. Volunteer experience is also a wonderful add-on to healthcare resumes since it shows the hiring manager which you have compassion off the work also. If its been awhile since youve searched for work, make the most of any work search training sessions that might be offer ed locally. You need to do the remaining part of the work in the interview to have the job.

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6 Spectacular Advertising Flops and Why They Failed

6 Spectacular Advertising Flops and Why They Failed6 Spectacular Advertising Flops and Why They FailedLets be fair. Advertising and marketing are not like accounting,engineering, or architecture. There is no real right or wrong answer to a creative brief or a client request. You cannot categorically say that any creative solution to a clients problem is 100% correct or completely wrong. It all comes down to a series of conversations between the experts in the agency and the client to come to a consensus on what should be done. And, many times, it also comes down to gut feelings. Unfortunately, sometimes those feelings are way off, sending the brand into a tailspin for a while. 6 Failed Ad and PR Flops Campaigns Here are some examples of advertising and PR flops that had customers reeling. McDonalds Hummer Toys (2006) Everyone knows that the McDonalds toys are based on the nag factor. Kids will want the latest free toy with their lunch or dinner, and parents oblige. Usually, its a toy tied to a movie promotion, a video game, or some other big entertainment promotion. However, in August 2006, GM and McDonalds joined forces to give away 42 million toy Hummers in Happy Meals. GM hoped the promotion would help market its Hummer brand to parents through their children.A HummerKids Web site and new commercials were created for the campaign. At the same time, Hummer launched a new ad campaign for the H3. You dont need to be psychic to know what happened next. The controversy over the giveaway started before the first toy Hummer welches handed out. Parents and environmental groups immediately voiced their displeasure over the giveaway, especially since both companies admitted they were trying to market the vehicle to parents through their children. McDonalds addressed the situation, which then caused further controversy. A company blog post stated, Looked at through childrens eyes, the miniature Hummers are just toys, not vehicle recommendations or a surce of consum er messages about natural resource conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. But when the blogs visitors clicked on the blogs comments link to share their own opinion, they noticed their comments never showing up. McDonalds clearly employed some kind of moderation system to remove any negative feedback, which only further infuriated customers. In turn, these commenters made sure to voice their outrage on other sites across the Internet. The ill will and negative PR damaged the reputations of both Hummer (which is now an almost defunct brand), and McDonalds. Youd think that McDonalds would have learned a valuable lesson from that mistake, but no.It was only a couple of months later when another giveaway took a bite out of McDonalds PR image. In October 2006, a promotion to give away 10,000 MP3 players branded with the McDonalds logo in Japan went awry when users found their free MP3 players came with ten free songs and a Trojan virus When they plugged them into their PCs, the viru s stole their usernames, passwords and other private info and sent the data to hackers. Back in 2006, when data sensitivity and ID theft was in its infancy, this was a serious concern. If it happened today, it could easily create a class-action lawsuit worth millions. GMs Do-It-Yourself Tahoe Ads (2006) Consumer-generated ads (also known as UGC, or User Generated Content) are par-for-the-course in modern advertising campaigns. behauptung days, corporations and advertisers have become very savvy to the possible negative side-effects of these kinds of interactive experiences. However, back in 2006, things didnt always go as planned. In another gaffe by GM,Chevrolet teamed with NBCs The Apprentice in March 2006 to launch a commercial contest for the Chevy Tahoe. Consumers could visit a special Chevrolet site, arrange video and music clips of the Tahoe how they wanted, and add fonts to create their own commercials for the SUV. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, not if youre going to poke fun at the Tahoe like many people were eager to do. Soon anti-SUV ads began popping up on the companys site. Chevrolet, perhaps trying to learn from the mistake McDonalds made with the Hummer comments, didnt remove the negative ads. And they became a catalyst for parody ads and vicious commentary that left a severe stain on the Tahoe brand. The buzz swept across the Internet, the contest backfired, and Chevrolet learned how advertising shouldnt always be left in the hands of consumers. If youre going to give people the tools to make your brand look good, remember, they could also use them for bad. Sonys Black-And-White Bomb (2006) Using people to convey a black and white message is a fine line to walk in advertising. The United Colors of Benetton campaigns have done it provocatively, causing both outrage and conversation. But they were successful, for the most part. However, Sony was not so fortunate as well. In the summer of 2006, Sony learned that having a white woman holdin g-gesellschaft a black woman by the jaw to promote its ceramic white PlayStation Portable wasnt a very good idea. The billboard only ran in the Netherlands, but the controversy sparked debates around the world. What was this trying to say? Was it a nod back to slavery, somehow saying the black woman was a possession of the white woman? At first, Sony defended its billboard. The company said it only wanted to highlight the whiteness of the new model or contrast the black and the white models. Clearly, that was some serious Monday-morning quarterbacking, and no-one was buying it. Later, Sony pulled the ad and apologized. Intels Poor Race Relations (2007) Intel didnt learn anything from Sonys 2006 blunder. In August 2007, the company found itself in the center of controversy over a print ad showing a white man surrounded by six sprinters. It doesnt sound too bad at all until you analyze the image.The sprinters are black, and appear to be bowing to the white man. A message that does lit tle to advance race relations. Complaints caused Intel to remove the ad, and they issued an apology through the companys Web site, saying the intent was to convey the performance capabilities of our processors through the visual metaphor of a sprinter. The apology goes on to say, Unfortunately, our execution did not deliver our intended message and proved to be insensitive and insulting. Raging Cows Blogging Blunder (2003) While blogging can be a great PR tool, it can also be a disaster if you try to fool consumers. Raging Cow, a Dr. Pepper/7 Up product, became a classic example of this in 2003. A group of teens was brought in and briefed on the Raging Cow flavored milk. They were told to go out and blog about this new product but not divulge that they were being told to do so. The company hoped the word of mouth advertising would make the new product a hit. The lack of authenticity behind the blogging, along with a fictional mascots blog, spread across the Internet. Hardcore blogge rs protested, the milk was briefly sold in a few test cities, and the product ultimately flopped. Walmarts Phony PR (2006) Walmart will also go down in advertising history with an outed fake blog. In September 2006, the Wal-Marting Across America blog hit the Internet. The blog featured two Walmart fans, named Jim and Laura, who drove their RV across America to talk with Walmartemployees. Their travels and experiences were documented on their blog. What a great piece of UGC, right? Wrong. What wasnt documented on the blog was the fact that Walmart compensated Jim and Laura to write the blog, paid for the RV they drove, and even scheduled their itinerary. The blog was exposed and mysteriously disappeared off the net. P?R firm Edelman admitted it was the mastermind behind the fake Walmart blog, and it was later uncovered that Edelman created two additional faux blogs. Tricking consumers is never a way to gain their business. With real blog posts blasting companies who try to fool cons umers, the damage of fake blogs can be long-lasting.

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How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Dream Job

How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Dream JobHow to Answer Interview Questions About Your Dream JobTell me about your dream job can be a tricky interview question. Even thoughyour dream jobmight have elendhing to do with the job youre interviewing for, dont mention it if its not related. Instead, make an effort to connect your answer to the position youre interviewing for. Learn more about what information interviewers hope to discover through your response, along with some dos and donts for answering this question. Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question? In the interview, your potential employer will likely focus on figuring out whether or not you have theright skills to be successful in the job. However, theyll also be interested in how motivated you are to perform the job, and whether or not you will be satisfied with the position. This interview question helps interviewersassess your motivation. Your response may also offer a glimpse into your values, passions, and pr iorities as an employee. What to Mention Ideally, your response to the question should reference some elements of the job at hand. For example, if the position is a customer tafelgeschirr job, you might say that your dream job would have a high level of interaction with customers. You can also focus on the industry in your response to this question If you are applying for a job at an environmental nonprofit, you can mention your passion for environmentalism. Another option is to frame your answer around yourideal company cultureand work environment. For instance, you might say youre eager to work in a collaborative environment or to be a part of a passionate team. Just make sure the environment you mention is a match for the culture in the positions workplace. In order to prepare your answer, brainstorm what appeals to you about the job Do you enjoy solving problems, or mediating conflicts?Do you thrive under pressure?Do you consider yourself a people person who likes to engage with clients or with the larger community? Go back to the job listing, and look through the job description and requirements to find what most excites and interests you about the position. In your answer, you can refer both to skills you currently have and want to use, and ones that you think youll be able to develop in the position. Create a Job Profile to Help Solidify Your Answer Think of what you want in a job, and create a profile of your ideal job that includes some of those functions. Your dream job doesnt have to be a specific position, like Account Executive or Public Relations Director, but can instead include different responsibilities you would enjoy having as part of your position. Your profile can also include skills you enjoy using and the type of company culture you thrive in. Make sure some of those elements match the description of the job for which you are applying. Share Examples Your answer can be more convincing if you reflect on why you found these typ es of activities rewarding in the past, and how yourskill setmatches the type of job youre after. Be ready to share some examples of how you have enjoyed utilizing those skills in the past. Focus on the Present and the Future Another way to answer the question is to mention a certain goal you would like to reach through your dream job. For example, if youre applying for a job with a non-profit environmental organization, you might mention that an essential element of your dream career would be a role that advances the green agenda. Ultimately, the key to answering Tell me about your dream job? is to convey your long-term interest in a high-level position, without overshadowing your interest in the job youre applying for. What Not to Mention in Your Response As with any open-ended questions, its easy to feel like anything goes. But youre still in a job interview, and your responses will be closely examined. Answers that are overly grandiose - my dream job is CEO, for instanc e - are off-putting. And if your dream job is to write novels professionally or become a sommelier, thats information best kept to yourself during an interview for a staff accountant position. Here are some other things to avoid in your response Specific job titlesKeep the focus on the skills aspect of roles, and do not name specific job titles.Ambitious functionsTread carefully here. If your dream job involves responsibilities that are far from achievable in the position youre applying for, it could make you seem like you wouldnt be happy for long in the position. Interviewers are more eager to hire applicants who will stick around, than ones who will have a short tenure.This jobTheres something a bit insincereabout saying the job youre applying for is your dream job. Avoid this. So, Whats Your Dream Job? Sample Answers What I look for in a job, and what I love about this customer service representative position, is the ability to utilize my communication and customer service skills. I love interacting with customers and quickly and effectively problem solving with them. Down the road, after becoming an expert in your product line and developing strong relationships with your customers, I would love to work in sales.My dream job involves an extensiveamount of teamwork, such as regular staff meetings and group projects. I love that this job emphasizes communication among colleagues and between management and staff. My previous job was 50% team projects, and I am excited to continue that kind of teamwork and open communication here. My dream job would allow me to develop web content for a variety of companies. I love getting to know different clients and developing content to suit their unique needs. For example, in my last job, I worked for clients in industries ranging from healthcare to education and received praise for my work with a variety of companies. I love that this job would allow me to work with a range of clients.

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Dear Evan Hansen is not about mental health, but this human process

'Dear Evan Hansen' is not about mental health, but this human process 'Dear Evan Hansen' is not about mental health, but this human process In addition to winning  Tony Awards in six categories, including Best Musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” has been hailed as an incredibly influential part of furthering the discussion surrounding mental health. The show acknowledges this role, even partnering with organizations that help those who are suffering from mental health issues. The complete list of partners is on the “Dear Evan Hansen” website, and each cast member is tasked with memorizing this resource list.The musical outwardly embraces its role in mental health awareness, even participating in panel discussions about mental health at Facebook‘s New York office for Mental Health Awareness Month. While lead producer Stacey Mindich recognizes the show’s responsibility and influence in the mental health sphere, she actually pinpoints the main subject of the show as human connection.Follow Ladders on Flipboard!Follow Ladders’ magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and more!The importance of human connection is an increasingly crucial conversation during this age of online connection because, as Mindich said, “We all feel alone.”What is “Dear Evan Hansen” actually about?“You can say it’s about mental illness, it’s brought an awareness of that, so we’ve embraced that and we’re proud of it…but it’s really about connection,” Mindich said.The show touches on difficult subjects such as depression, anxiety, and suicide, which is why it has been included in many mental health discussions.“People think our show is about whatever is going on in their lives,” Mindich said. “People diagnose Evan with whatever they have, or their kids have … the truth is that our show is about connection at its very base level.”“Dear Evan Hansen” does spread the message that it’s important to talk about mental illness, but the story also emphasizes that it’s important to connect with the people around you in general.“Talking to your parents, children, and friends saves lives,” Mindich said.Lead producer Stacey Mindich on what first hooked her on “Dear Evan Hansen”Mindich originally met with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the duo that wrote the music and lyrics to “Dear Evan Hansen”, because she loved the idea of producing a story that came from two 20-something-year-olds.“The base of the idea that started what Evan Hansen was…was just their desire to write something authentic and a mirror of our lives today,” Mindich said.As a mother, Mindich was really drawn to the story based on “the global idea of parent and child and connection.”“If they were going to show a mirror of who Evan was…a 17-year-old boy…he needed to have a mother and then they were going to show a multi-generational family story,” Mindich said.Based off the idea of human connection, Mindich was fascinated by the different ways that parents connect with their children and the struggles that come along with that process.â €œIt’s still a trick and a challenge to figure out how to talk to your kids.  Mindich admitted that she’s a much more observant mother as a result of producing the show.“The best advice I ever got was from an actress in our show…she really led me to the belief that sometimes it’s not even about how you get into the conversation, it’s just literally about sitting there,” Mindich said.Andrew Barth Feldman on why he wanted to play Evan HansenEvan Hansen, whose original name was Dennis according to Mindich, is a 17-year-old boy who struggles to connect with peers and potential love interests, but mostly with his mom. Andrew Barth Feldman, the 17-year-old who currently plays Evan Hansen, admitted that the show is also largely about the connection to him as well.While Feldman doesn’t struggle with mental health issues himself, he admits that he could relate to Evan as a teenager growing up in the age of social media.“When I saw ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ for the first time, it was as I was beginning to cope with all of these factors of life that you have to deal with as you’re growing up and I felt very alone in it like everyone does,” Feldman said.Feldman agreed that the musical is actually about connecting with those around you, as opposed to a story just about mental health.“[‘Dear Evan Hansen’] showed me, just like it shows everyone that sees it, everyone that feels alone, everyone that’s ever felt alone, that they aren’t.”You might also enjoy… New neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy Strangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds 10 lessons from Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule that will double your productivity The worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs 10 habits of mentally strong people

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The one thing that blinds you to the best in others

The one thing that blinds you to the best in others The one thing that blinds you to the best in others A few years back, a buddy of mine named Harry was dating someone new. Harry was excited because she was pretty and shared the same interests. One day, Harry phoned his new girlfriend to arrange another date. She didn’t answer her cell phone, so he left a message. A day or two passed by and no response. “That’s kind of rude,” Harry thought. “I left her a nice message, and she’s blowing me off.” Another day passed and now Harry was, to use his words, “Totally pissed.” He picked up his cell phone and left her an angry message. He told her how inconsiderate she was to ignore him. He said that most people have the courtesy to reply. “If you don’t want to see me, then fine, I won’t call you anymore,” he said. It was disappointing to Harry to be rejected and ignored, but he felt good about giving her a piece of his mind. Unfortunately, what Harry didn’t know was that she hadn’t blown him off. She was in the hospital, the victim of a serious stroke. - - - Don’t be a donkey Donkeys are fine animals. According to one breeder: A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size. Donkeys have an incredible memory - they can recognize areas and other donkeys they were with up to 25 years ago. A donkey will not do something it considers to be unsafe. Unfortunately, despite these fine attributes, the male donkey is also known as an “ass.” We sometimes use the word pejoratively, to describe someone acting like a jerk. Which happens to be exactly how Harry felt, once he learned about his girlfriend’s stroke. Have you ever been an ass? I know I have. It’s not that we wake up and decide, “Today I will be a jerk!” It’s more subtle. We allow cynicism and low expectations to rule the day. We expect the worst. Pessimism has its uses. Assuming the worst and hoping for the best insulates us a bit from disappointment, or being taken for fools. Unfortunately, pessimism can breed negativism and blind us to the best in others. - - - Termites do more damage Little things build up over time. We tend to focus on the big stuff, failing to recognize the cumulative effects of small things. A good example is compound interest. Small investments, over time, slowly grow into big investments. The same is true with physical fitness. A lot of folks get inspired, join a gym, and then dive into a huge workout routine. Of course, it ends in injury or burnout, and soon they give up. Had they started with small, manageable workouts, they’d see steady progress over time. It’s a much more successful approach than doing too much, too soon. Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar notes: “Remember, earthquakes and hurricanes get all the publicity, but termites do more damage than both of them combined and the termite takes bites so small that you cannot see them with the naked eye. However, termites are persistent, they take lots of bites, and there are lots of termites.” - - - An ass out of you and me The urban dictionary will tell you that the word “assume” means to make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” Sadly, there is a lot of truth to this observation. We go through life making assumptions. Assumptions about the intentions of others, what people are thinking, what political ideology they hew to, and more. Assumptions can be comforting because we feel more secure when everyone and everything can be placed in neat, little boxes. However, people and circumstances are usually more complex. My buddy Harry made an assumption that his new girlfriend was being rude. That she was rejecting him. He assumed the worst, not considering all the other possibilities, like illness, a lost cell phone, etc. I’ve assumed the worst in people, too. Particularly at work. As a supervisor, when some people called in sick, I assumed it was an excuse for a day off. Sometimes I was right, but other times I was wrong. Why do we do that? Why do we frequently assume the worst in others instead of the best? What if we assumed the best in others? What if we stopped jumping to negative conclusions and gave people the benefit of the doubt more? “It’s a rare moment when we take a break from the tribulations of the daily rat race to reflect on assumptions and values that we casually accept as gospel.” -  Graydon Carter - - - A more balanced approach The bad behavior of some people has given us justification to assume the worst. No one wants to be played for a fool, or taken advantage of. We protect ourselves by keeping expectations low. The challenge is in the calibration. People have a tendency to embrace extremes. If someone wronged you at work, then you immediately write them off. If your friend failed to pay you back for money loaned, you assume he’ll always be untrustworthy. The trick is to adopt a more balanced approach. Don’t assume the person who wronged you at work has it in for you. Have the courage to talk to her, express your frustration, and hear her out. Sometimes the problem is a misunderstanding. Instead of gossiping and complaining to everyone else about this one person, give him/her the courtesy to explain things. Or to make amends. As for that friend that failed to pay you back, maybe there’s an understandable explanation. Perhaps there is a hardship you’re unaware of? Instead of making negative assumptions and jumping to conclusions, find out what happened. “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” -  Henry Winkler There were times in my career when I made erroneous assumptions about a few co-workers. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding out how wrong you were. We’re all human and sometimes our biases and emotions get the best of us. We also tend to suffer from confirmation bias. This means that whenever things happen as we assumed they would, we conclude that we were right all along. But sometimes we’re wrong. The reasons for certain events may be vastly different than our assumptions. Assumptions blind us to seeing people as they really are. We only see the negative. This cheats us out of experiencing the best in others. By all means, don’t get taken advantage of, but try to keep your assumptions in check. You might just uncover a whole lot of positive stuff you never noticed before. - - - Before you go I’m John Weiss. I draw old school, handcrafted cartoons and write about life. Get on my free email list  here  for the latest cartoons and blog posts.This  article  first appeared on Medium.

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Your Career Path Will Be Full of Twists and Turns and That#8217;s a Good Thing

Your Career Path Will Be Full of Twists and Turns â€" and That#8217;s a Good Thing Your Career Path Will Be Full of Twists and Turns â€" and That#8217;s a Good Thing The job market is full of twists and turns youd never expect. I faced my first twist  during college. I grew up in the 90s alongside the internet. Companies like AOL were just starting out. With a fast dial-up modem, you could connect to the web through your phone line. It was just the sort of thing a teenager dying to go to college out of state needed. It was an exciting time. Everything and everyone suddenly seemed magically intertwined in a new way. Startups were popping up everywhere. Young people were getting investments to start businesses and were suddenly worth millions. It was like being a celebrity. The guarantee of a good job and a great financial future motivated me to study computer and systems engineering in college. I moved from Oklahoma to upstate New York for the opportunity. Midway through my time in school, the dot-com crash happened. Suddenly, startups were disappearing and jobs in the tech world were drying  up. Recruiters canceled their visits to my school â€" because the jobs they were hiring for were canceled, too. This was one of the scariest times in my career. It forced me to rethink the possibilities of what I might become. After some soul searching, I found a project management job. It wasnt what I had expected to be doing, but the good news was it was even better. This work capitalized on my strengths more than computer programming ever did, and it prepared me for my next challenge: graduate school. Getting my MBA presented a new set of hurdles. The first was saving enough money to quit my job to go. The second was moving across the country to a new city in California where I knew no one. While I was in school, the job market continued to be competitive. In fact, many employers were no longer paying for interns. The prospect of working for free was one catalyst to finish school early and begin my new career. Although I planned to change careers when I finished business school, employers didnt always agree. One company offered me twice as much money to do the same sort of work Id been doing before school. It was incredibly confusing. The money was great, but Id quit my job so that I could change careers completely. I turned down the offer and kept searching. Eventually, I became a digital marketing executive, and now Im a career coach. What Ive learned along the way is that your path doesnt always end up as straight as you picture it when youre 18, and thats okay. In todays job market, changing jobs every 3-5 years keeps you fresh. It diversifies your professional contacts and your experience and gives you the chance to negotiate for more money every few years. Very often, unexpected career interference is a true blessing in disguise. A version of this article originally appeared in the  Memphis Daily News.   Angela Copeland is a career coach and CEO at her firm,  Copeland Coaching.